How to make someone fall in love with your property

First impressions count, whether it be on a romantic date or a property viewing. So with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we’ve compiled our top tips for how to get a buyer to fall in love with your property, so that they can pop that very important question… “When can I move in?”

Make sure there are no bin bags lying around and if you have a front garden, present it neatly. A quick trim of the grass, some artfully placed plant pots and a sweep of the path can all help attract a buyer.

Inviting touches

Across the threshold, the atmosphere of a property is key to making the viewing a pleasurable experience. Where we would use perfume or cologne on a date, a property can be made to smell attractive with plug-in air freshener, or even baked bread.

Freshly cut flowers and bowls of (in date) fruit on tables can make a property more visually appealing to a buyer, while pulled back curtains and your heating on in the winter at a medium temperature will create a brighter, warmer atmosphere.

Keep it clean

Exactly what it says on the tin! You wouldn’t meet a potential partner unwashed, and just the same can be said for your property. Making the beds and putting in a bit of elbow grease to get those surfaces sparkling will put your property forward in the best possible light.

It’s all about the ambience!

If you follow all of the above, your property should radiate a welcoming ambience that will have potential buyers weak at the knees!

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